The Impact Our Thoughts and Beliefs Have on Our Body


     Have you ever heard of the idea your thoughts and beliefs effect your life?  How about this “thoughts are creative”. The movie The Secret described the Universal Law of Attraction - “Under the Law of Attraction, the complete order of the Universe is determined, including everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts.”  This idea is not new by any means, however, are you aware of how the idea affects your health? 

     The physical body we see is only a part of who You are.  There are numerous subtle layers of energy that surround your entire body (including your insides). The layers are known as your Aura or Human Energy Field.  The closest layer to the physical body is known as the Etheric Body.  It is ½ inch to 2 inches from the physical body and is connected to the Root Chakra.  It connects to the physical organs and meridians in the physical body.  It is also related to our health and condition of our physical body.  The second layer is known as The Emotional Body.  It extends 2 to 4 inches away.  It is tied to the second chakra called Sacral.  It is connected to your feelings, emotions and experiences.  The Emotional layer is where unsettled emotions such as fear and guilt are stored.  The third layer is referred to as Mental Body.  It extends 4 to 8 inches from your physical body.  This layer is connected to the third chakra called Solar Plexus.  Our belief systems, consciousness, ideas and Intellect are validated here.  There are several more layers that make up the Aura Field.  Our purpose is to look at the first few layers and the impact of our thoughts and beliefs on our physical health. All of the layers interweave with each other, simply put, they are not separate from one another. 

     Understanding the subtle energy system helps to make sense of why our thoughts and beliefs impact our overall physical health.  Each emotion, thought or belief carries a frequency that can be measured in hertz.  Love registers at 500 hertz, verses, fear registers at 100 hertz.  The higher the hertz the lighter you will feel.  An easy way to play with this idea is to think of someone or something you don’t like.  Notice how you “feel”. Take a couple of deep breaths and let that experience go.  Now, bring to mind someone or something you love.  Notice how you “feel”. Did you notice a difference?  Love feels lighter and comfortable, whereas, fear feels denser and less comfortable.  The aura is impacted too.  The lighter energy of love causes your aura field to expand.  You feel safe.  Fear causes your aura field to contract.  You move into protective mode as if a threat were coming. 

     Our thoughts and beliefs have energy frequencies too.  A common one in my experience is depression.  Energetically, someone who is depressed feels a sense of  hopelessness, (this is a generalization).  The weight in the emotional body of the field is vibrating at a lower frequency.  It feels dense and heavy.  Over time the weight becomes denser and heavier materializing as a disease in the physical body.  Refer to the etheric layer of the aura.   Anxiety is another one.  The belief behind anxiety is “not trusting the flow of life”.  – Louise Hay, Heal Your Body.  Both conditions resonate at a lower energetic frequency.  Literally changing your thoughts and beliefs to ones at a higher vibration will help you heal.  Referring to our two conditions.  One higher belief regarding depression would be, I am full of joy and hope.  Anxiety would be, I love and approve of myself, or another one, I am safe. 

Clearing the lower frequencies out of your Aura will help your overall health.  The lighter the frequency the lighter and healthier You feel. BECAUSE You are literally lighter!