COVID-19 Health Precautions

Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA) put out clarification late on Monday the 27th of April for massage therapist practicing in Colorado.  DORA is who oversees our licensure. 

I know majority you feel as I do in that massage is a necessity for you in helping with pain and stress management (more now than ever before).  I am grateful to have such amazing and awesome clients who value massage.  Inner Light Shines is taking every measure to ensure your health and safety are met during your visit.  Below is what Safer at Home Executive Order issued by Governor Polis on 4/27/2020 indicates for personal services: 

  • Gloves are not required to be worn by massage therapist
  • Wash hands between clients (I already do) 
  • Face masks must be worn by massage therapist and clients during entire session.  
    • I ordered disposable face masks, waiting for shipment to come in.  (back ordered) 

In addition to what is put out by DORA, Inner Light Shines is also recommending the following:  

Massage Therapist: 

  • To wear scrub top that can be changed out between clients.
  • Extend the time between appointments for 30 minutes in order to thoroughly disinfect door knobs, hooks, table etc. 
  • Provide optional fever check (We have a non contact digital thermometer available) 


  • Encouraged to wait in vehicle until their appointment time.  (To help with social distancing)
  • Face mask must be worn onsite.  
  • Review and initial COVID-19 Virus addendum on the Intake form prior to being seen.  
  • Pay ahead of time if using credit/debit card.  Square has the ability to securely store your cc info on file
  • If for any reason you are not feeling well, please stay home.  Cancellation fee will not be applied.